Ship Greener   is an innovative idea from students of BCIT.A classroom project taken to a whole new level with an aim to show up at the   ECOCITY WORLD SUMMIT'2019 in Vancouver.
Ship Green is an innovative way of changing shopping habits of online buyers.Instead of considering cost and time when selecting shipping options,we tendto raise environmental awareness for online buyers so that they can consider another choice which is more environmentally friendly .Our mission is to provide an alternative solution when buying stuff online and creating awareness amongst the citizens.Let’s switch to ShipGreen, a step towards a greener future! A little patience to receive products, can lead to companies sending fully loaded trucks, resulting in lesser traffic and lesser release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Our Story

Shipping Industry is an essential part of E-commerce these days and is the one that needed a change . All the team members were interested in the idea as it was very unique and untouched So basically Arun was Surfing the Internet and found a very useful video on youtube that demonstrated the environmental effects two day shipping has on the environment and needed to change . So while pondering on these issues we all sat down and came up with the idea of green shipping option that will provide an alternative option for shipping to the users. Another main reason behind the idea was the lack of awareness , users never even gave a thought before choosing the shipping options and were unaware of the ill-effects it has on the Environment So the next biggest challenge was how to attract users was that that why would anyone go for the green shipping option express shipping is available . We came up with the plan to provide the users the information about how much are they contributing towards saving the environment , which will motivate more and more people to get into green shipping .

Think wise, Choose GREENER option!

Yashsvi Girdhar

Hey! I have been the CSS Styler for the project. I also worked over the Google Map API and created functions to show the SAVINGS! you did when choose the green Shipping option!


Cameron Wark

Database Handler
My role in this project was to set up the database and provide cart funcitonality. My strength was adequate javascript programming knowledge and my weakness was poor jquery knowledge.


Arundeep Singh

Product Owner
I did work on the login page using firebase database , made the search directory working and also made the about us page . My Strengths were working with firebase and weakness was the styling part.



Checkout page master
I did most of the work to make sure the check out page works properly. I secretly add an Easter egg to the check out page so check this out. You can get great reward for it.